Qbus on openHAB2

Anybody interested in testing a binding for Qbus?
I’ve created a binding that works fine, still need to finish it but is ready for beta testing.


Hello Koen, I am interested.
I Visited you guys on “Batibouw” today :slight_smile:

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Yesterday on Batibouw Tom said it to my you where working on it. You don’t know how long i was waiting for something like this.

Maarten Van Parijs, Elektro Dhaenens

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Please post the link to the jar.
You can also make the binding available on the market place as a beta version

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Hi Koen,

I have a UbieBox installation, with QBus and Phillips HUE (and soon a Sonos player).
I would love to test this binding.

Kind regards

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Ik heb wel interesse om dit te testen thx

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Hi guys,

This project has been on hold for to long. Finnaly gotten the approval to continue.
I’m writing an updated version right now that works ike a charm.
So keep your heads up, the new binding will be ready in a few weeks.

The new binding is already finished an being tested by several people.
Send me a message if you’re intrested in this binding.
Currently supported:

  • Bistabiel
  • Monostabiel
  • Timer1 - 3
  • Interval
  • Dimmer 1T & 2T
  • Thermostats
  • Scenes
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I’m really interested in this. All my lights and switches are qbus controlled. I would like to use it more flexibel. Can I join testing?

Big up for this great programming!




Hello I want to try this binding.
Thank you.

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Go to http://www.qbusforum.be/ and register. There you can find a manual (version 3 is the latest) and the files you need for the Qbus binding.

Koen made a significant progress on the binding yesterday. Very easy to set up with the manual (step by step with screenshots - almost everything automated).

Good luck!

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hello i want to try this binding ,but i can’t login to qbus forum i tried to contact the admin but i did not get any reply.

Hi Nathan, your account should be actiavted now.
If not, can you do the registration again?