QNAP Container Station (docker)

I have run OH1 almost 5 years now on mac mini, but I’m not so happy anymore the OS X stability. It seems that OS X is coming close to Windows, which need to be rebooted ones a while to keep it up and running.

As I’m planning to migrate to OH2 soon, I’m also looking new options for hardware. One possibility is QNAP NAS. So have anyone any experience to run OH2 on QNAP Container Station as docker image? In principle, it should work fine, but practise is normally some thing else. I have few USB devices (Z-wave, rfxcom, and some USB -> RS232/RS485 adapters), which could cause problems. Also UPnP should work (which didn’t work with Docker for Mac, as --net=host isn’t working like expected). So before invest, I appreciate any experience or other alternativies. Or should I just install Linux to my mac mini.

Would stay away from QNAP, they dont maintain their software very well. Latest owncloud server you can install is 8 due to an ancient libxml version, half the world is complaining about it and QNAP ignores that. So be warned.