QNAP-TS-251+ and Bluetooth

I try to find am USB Bluetooth dongle working with openHAB on my QNAP TS251+. Another question is how to get the XBEE stuff running, together with the QNAP …
any recommendation is most welcome


I seem to be working on something similar. This is all quiet new for me but I just got it working. As I want to develop my own ZigBee devices I already had a Raspberry Pi planned as gateway to run 24/7 before I even knew about OpenHab.
The Pi is using RaspBee and the deCONZ software. It was easy to connect and use those ZigBee devices I got.
OpenHab I am running as Docker container on my QNAP and using the ‘hue binding’ is was just a few clicks to add the RaspBee gateway in openHab and then add the things and items.
I thought I read on this forum, that a ZigBee dongle might also work directly on the QNAP with the Zigbee binding if you can find a dongle that is being supported.