QuantityType Channel

Hi everybody

I am creating a smartmeter binding, but I have some issues getting the QuantityType and UoM working.
First issue is that when I add a channel, the UI does not show the measurement units by default.
For instance the energy (Fwd_active_energy) is available as Wh and I guess that when I write “%d %unit%” in the thing-types.xml and the channel is added to the UI then this should show “<current value> Wh”.
My guess is that I did something wrong in the thing-types.xml.

So I am hoping that someone can help me out and tell me what I am doing wrong.
Here is a link to the file. openhab-addons/thing-types.xml at smartmeterosgp · kennetn/openhab-addons · GitHub


Problem is here:

You need to create it as a QuantityType with unit provided:
updateState(CHANNEL_Fwd_active_energy, new QuantityType<>(tableData.getInt(), Units.WATT_HOUR));