Qubino devices (Luxy and Din Rail dimmers) not well responding (when using sliders)

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: x64 AMD/2Gb/64Gb
    • OS: Debian 11
    • Java Runtime Environment: Azul Java 11
    • openHAB version: 3.0
  • Issue of the topic: I have several Qubino devices: the ones I would like to discuss here are the Luxy Switch and ZMNHSD DIN Rail Dimmers. All are configured through the UI. When I address the ZMNHSD DIN Rail dimmers and set a dimmer value, for example clicking 60 % on the slider (where the dimmer is 0) it will jump back to 40 %, I need to click 60% again to get there. When I then try to set 80%, it will jump back to 60% first. I always need to click or slide 2 times to have the actual value that I want, a bit annoying. What can I do ? Or what could be the cause of this ?

Regarding the Luxy smart switch: trying to change the color through the RGB color control is even worse: changing to any color simply goes back to its prior setting. Meaning that I can’t change a thing through the UI. There are appearantly 2 color controls for the Luxy, I don’t know what the difference between the 2 is or why they are both there, but I tried both, none of them worked. However, switching the Luxy light on and off does work. Any help here ?

Many thanks !
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