Qubino dimmer dimming time and dimm value


I’m having trouble to properly setup openhab to use qubino dimmer (ZMNHDD Flush Dimmer Plus). This is my item setup:

Dimmer qubino_dimmer “Led strip [%d %%]” { zwave=“17:command=switch_multilevel,restore_last_value=true” }

the problem is with dimming time. I have parameter 65 set to 100 so the dimming time is 1s when using physical switch (I1 input). Then I have parameter 66 set to 5 so dimming time is 5s when switch (at I1 input) is pressed, but also when sending commands from openhab (both ON/OFF and value commands). What I want is the dimming time 1s when using switch (short press) and when using openhab. I tried also with this item setting:

Switch qubino_switch “Led strip” { zwave=“17:command=switch_binary” }

and this works ok in regard to dimming time (1s dimming time) but with that I can only set dimmer to 0 or 100% :frowning:
Is it possible to make it work as I want ?

I’m no expert so take this with a grain of salt, but I don’t think you can get that behavior with a switch. You can try using a Dimmer instead and the Dimmer class. If that doesn’t work you will need to implement the dimming part yourself in a rule.

I don’t understand. I am using Dimmer class and It works. The problem is that the behaviour (dimming time) of the qubino dimmer is different when using Switch class vs Dimmer class. What rules have to do with it ?

It won’t work with the Switch class.

So you have to create an unbound item for the Switch and a Rule that triggers on that Switch to convert the ON/OFF to the proper command(s) to the Dimmer Item.

I believe the difference in dimming time you experience is not an openhab feature, but rather the correct behavior of the Qubino.
When you set it up as a switch in openhab it will go from 0% to 100% in 1 sec. because you are turning the light on. Time spent for this is defined in parameter 65 (soft on/off) .
Parameter 66 is the time in seconds to go from 100% to 0% while keeping the button I1 pressed. Meaning that if you’ve set this to 5 seconds, it will dimm from 100 to 80% in 1 sec.

Well, I will argue that it is “correct” behaviour of the qubino. I’m not able to replicate the behaviour of local switch in the openhab. The parameter 66 is there so one could setup longer dimming time for the long press of the local switch to be able to fine tune the dimming value. When using remote controller there is no need for that because I can send any dimming value from the controller. So in my opinion the “correct” behaviour of the qubino would be to apply value of the parameter 65 as the dimming time for the Dimmer class commands, instead of the parameter 66 value.

I spoke with the support and they said that parameter 65 is used with BASIC command class and parameter 66 is used with SWITCH_MULTILEVEL command class. I read the manual again and found this:


  • The module will be turned ON or OFF after receiving the BASIC_SET command. To be turned ON: [Command Class Basic , Basic Set, Basic Value = 0x01~0x63 in percentage; FF set to last value]
  • To be turned OFF:[Command Class Basic , Basic Set, Basic Value = 0x00]

As I understand, I should be able to use just the BASIC command class to fully control the qubino dimmer. To set it to specific dimming level I have to send BASIC SET with value from 0 to 99, and to turn the light on to the last diming I have to send BASIC SET with value 255. So is it possible to use Dimmer class with BASIC SET command class ?