Qubino Flush Relay - Close contact when ZWave connection gets lost

Hi Community,

I’ve also asked qubino directly about this and i’m waiting for a reply.
Maybe one of you has experience with i as well.
I am using a Qubino Flush Relay for controlling one of my valves for garden irrigation.

Everything is working fine, but I just want to make sure that my garden doesn’t turn into a swamp when the valve is open and the ZWave connection dies (e.G. Controller goes offline…)

Is there any possibility to tell the device to open the relay when the ZWave connection gets lost?

Did you ask Qubino?

Yes :wink:

The first place to look is at the parameters available to be set on the valve. I could easily see a max open time parameter or the like at a minimum.

In PaperUI browse to the Thing, click on the pencil icon, and review the options under Configuration Parameters and see if anything jumps out.

Check the manual for the device also to see what parameters it supports. If you find a parameter in the manual and it isn’t in PaperUI that means the Zwave database needs to be updated for that device. If it doesn’t exist in either place, there probably is no such parameter and you are out of luck.

Thanks @rlkoshak for the hints. I’m currently using the max open time so any major flooding of my garden can be avoided :wink:
If I’m getting an answer from Qubino, I will post it here.