Qubino Flush Shutter inclusion not working with 2.2.0 Build #1024

Hi @chris

It seems that something is wrong with the Qubino Flush Shutter inclusion again. As you recall, there was a problem with Flush Shutter inclusion with 2.1.0, which you then fixed in a subsequent snapshot release (I can’t find the link to that post right now). Now, with 2.2.0 Build #1024 it seems to be broken again. I tried including via Habmin, which works fine for a Qubino Relay switch with same build. However, when trying to include a Flush Shutter, I get a “inclusion failed” error in Habmin. I have tried this with two different Modules, one was new and never used.

[DEBUG] [ol.serialmessage.AddNodeMessageClass] - Add Node: Failed.

For your reference I have included the relevant debug logs for the failed inclusion.

Are you aware of any problems with build #1024? Should I upgrade to a newer build or what do you suggest?

Thanks in advance for your help.


I don’t remember the previous issue - if you can find it it would be useful.


This message comes from the controller itself. It means that the device was not included properly for some reason and there’s probably nothing that the binding can do… The binding does next to nothing for inclusion - it sends a message to the controller to start inclusion, and then the controller sends back reports to say if it found a device or not - the binding doesn’t have any input to this.

I would suggest to reset the stick and try again - if that still fails I would reset the device and try again. If that still fails, then I’m not sure I have any further suggestion :frowning: .

There are some issues with some recent versions due to a change in ESH. I think this is fixed, but I’m not 100% sure all issues are resolved (this is outside of the binding). I don’t think this will help this issue though.

Many thanks, Chris. I was referring to this issue:

Anyway, the problem I reported was indeed not related to any issues with the binding. Strangely, inclusion via Habmin did not work in my case. I then dismounted the Qubino and managed to include it hooked up to my test bed. Maybe there was some kind interference where it was mounted before (it dropped out of the network previously, that is why I was messing with it in the first place). As said, inclusion via Habmin worked with a Flush Relay, so there is no generalized problem with that function.

In any case, we can close this case now, and many thanks for your insight, Chris. I am still very much of a newbie regarding ZWave and it is not always readily apparent where the problem is coming from (installation vs. devices/controller vs. binding). In my case, the problem may have been with the installation (bad antenna placement).