Qubino Flush Thermostat

I have a new quibino flush thermostat I’m going to use to control my airsource heat pump. It seems that there is a problem with it and openHAB. I’ve created items of setpoint, temperature and heating mode. When I change the setpoint to above or below the temperature I can hear the relay clicking so it is working ok but the openHAB item heating mode just stays at ON all the time and doesn’t update. Where do I go looking for the problem with this ?
It’s not a show stopper for me as the thermostat output actually controls a quibino flush relay so that I can have a zero volt switch for the airsource heat pump and I can see that switching correctly but it would be nice if it did report its’ mode correctly.

I’m also having trouble setting the polling period for the thermostat. When I look at the Thing configuration page the text says that to set the polling time in seconds but there is also a dropdown list which gives a minimum polling of 10 minutes. When I try to set any period that is not on the list it just defaults to a time on the list.