Qubino Mini Dimmer: Reset energy consumption switch missing in channels

Dear all,

I got a working fine Qubino Mini Dimmer.

I got however all channels needed BUT ONE !

I need the Reset energy consumption button.

QBINO tells me:

Hello Pascal,

Thank you very much for reaching out to us,

The reset command should be in the gateway, if you don’t have one you must ask the Gateway producers to tell you if there’s any and if there is where it is. An example of reset possibilities below, as you may see in case you have the options to send raw commands you can send it there too.

Using the gateway app - UI button
Some gateways already have the command for resetting the counters in the app UI.

If the gateway does not have an option to reset the counter, but it does have an option to send RAW command, you can use the command in hexadecimal 32 05




Is there a way to prove this ? I need the ability to reset the energy consumption counter.


Think you are referring to : OpenSmartHouse Z-Wave Device Database ?
Then my best guess is that you need @chris to have a look at the parameters you need.

You could, as a workaround, create a virtual item that holds the energy consumption you seem to need. Create virtual item, (re)set that item with the current energy counter from the qubino on a dayly basis (e.g. at midnight) and do you calculations or logic basis on (the delta of) that value?

I’ve added this to the device definition so it should be available in a few days.

Thanks Chris.

How do I update the binding (When it will be ready)

Not clear to me

As I said above - in the next few days. It needs to be updated in the binding and database updates are done every few days.

This really depends on your system and what version you’re running. If you have the snapshot (unstable) version running, then simply updating the binding using the UI will work. If you have the stable version, then you will need to download the new binding from the repository and add it manually to the addons folder.

The exact method will depend on your system and how you’ve installed your system.

Ok Chris. Thanks a lot.

Below the answer of QUBINO if by any chance it could help you for your update:

Hello Pascal,

The reset command has no separate channel it is “incorporated” in the COMMAND_CLASS_METER 0x32 under the number 5 so METER_RESET 0x05 for this the complete command to reset the meter value (kWh) is 32 05 as mentioned in the previous email. If the gateway do not have this command exposed we can’t do nothing, our device have the command class and it will work according to the commands received from the gateway.

Best regards,
Igor, Technical support

Qubino by Goap

The update is done already - I’ve added the new channel as required.

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