Qubino Shutter ZMNHCD configuration

Something is very wrong with the definition:

  1. If i set the system at default and i set the blinds to 0% in openhab, then is the icon used rollershutter-100 and the value is 100. If i say in google to move to 100% than the value is 0% and the icon is the rollershutter-0

  2. If i set the system at invert % and i set the blinds to 0% in openhab, then is the icon used rollershutter-0 and the value is 0. But if i say in google to move to 0% than the value is 100% and the icon is the rollershutter-100

  3. If i set the invert control, that with the down go up and with the up go down

So there is no right combination. It seems that Openhab use an invert setting as standard which never work really together with the google assistant value.

Invert control should invert just the control, and invert percent should invert just the return reading. I really don’t understand your point - sorry.

I’m not really sure I understand what is happening, and I don’t have google configured so I’d really suggest you provide a debug log, or something that can show what is actually happening.

Dear Roland

I think from openHAB Perspektive everything is fine. I have No Chance to tell about google or any other kind of such assistents.

To dig deeper into it we would need detailed Log files. But please open a different Threads as it is not related to the Qubino config directly



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I’m using some rollershutter items with Amazon Alexa, invert control and invert percent are working as expected, also commands through Alexa are executed correctly. The rollershutter icons are showing the correct closing and opening icons.
I guess you need to find the issue with Google Assistant.

I set the Ventilation mode like u described in the topic. The percentage is still not up to date and now even the electric meter in Watt updates properly. After the motor is switched off is still shows the full power 140W or it changes to 60-70W

I tried it out today, have the Qubino Flush shutters installed, mapped them to Google Assistant, and in fact, when I tell Google to set the Blinds to 75% it “raises” them by 75% percent, resulting in a 25% position in OH… is this what you mean @Rintano ?

Did you set the channel config to “invert percentage”?

yes, but it also seems not to do the trick. or does it?

It does with my rollershutter devices from Fibaro,
If you are seeing the correct percentage in your GUI, it should also work with Alexa.

I have a lot of ZMNHCD devices installed. For me it does the trick if I set “Invert percentage value” to Yes for the channel “Blinds Position” in Habmin:

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By the Qubino does not. If u set the invert percetage, then u can set in openhab to 75% to achive the same 25% like before, But the Google is inverted too, so there u need to say 25% to achive the same as is in Openhab by 75%…

I found a workaround, so i defined a virtual rollershutter, which inverts the value to the real rollershutter and i lint this virtual one to Google

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