Qubino Shutter ZMNHCD configuration

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(Stefan M. Haller) #1

Dear reader

In the following lines I describe the steps to go through to achieve a working rollershutter configuration with Qubino (Goap) Flush Shutter devices in.

Shutter mode - Shutter is either UP or DOWN
Venention blinds - Shutter is UP / Down or partially down with lamellas tilt or not

If you have no lammellas but would like to control the position of the shutter, you will also need venetian blind mode. This is due to the fact, that percentage in shutter mode is only reported for 0 or 100%. At least to current knowledge.

The configuration of venetian blind mode is the most complex and needs time. If you have already included the ZMNHCDx device into openHAB you read the description part.


It sounds easy but it might result in head scratching. During my experience with OH 2.5.0 Milestone build it was not possible in all cases to exclude the choosen device correctly or include it again.

With the basic device recognition and default configuration, as it comes from the salespoint you would find a node xml file as follows.
network_df4ec3d7__node_6.xml (16.0 KB)
You can search through the file and will not find <endpointId>2<endpointId>in it.

This endpointId 2 is needed to get venetian blinds (lamellas) working correctly. So follow the steps from the description, but I would suggest to copy the original node file away before start. Keep in mind that, after the new inclusion the device gets a new NODE ID.

After successful 2nd inclusion the node file looks as follows:
network_df4ec3d7__node_10.xml (26.5 KB)

You immediately realize here that the file size is different. And when you search through the file you will luckily find endpointId 2 present.

Continuing with Item definition:

shutter.items :

Rollershutter SLR_shutter   "Sleeping Room Shutter [%d %%]"             (TopFloor) { channel="zwave:device:2f18a74d:node12:blinds_control"}
Rollershutter CSR1_shutter  "Children Sleeping Room Shutter1 [%d %%]"   (UpperFloor) { channel="zwave:device:2f18a74d:node11:blinds_control" }
Rollershutter CSR2_shutter  "Children Sleeping Room Shutter2 [%d %%]"   (UpperFloor) { channel="zwave:device:2f18a74d:node10:blinds_control" }

The %d delivers back the percentage value from the device. As you can see in the following picture.

home.sitemap excerpt:

	Frame label="Shutters" {
		Default item=SLR_shutter
		Default item=CSR1_shutter
		Default item=CSR2_shutter


Also the Icons in BasicUI reflect the position by percentage more ore less accurate.
With this the principal setup is completed.

What’s missing:
A controled set of the blinds or slat angle. I have had no time yet to play with it or set something up. I will extend this post when I’m ready for it.

I hope this helps others! Anybody who’s interested in and have questions please send me a PM or address me in a public thread.


How to configure venetian blinds for Qubino ZMNHCD1