Qubino ZMNHXD1 3-phase smart meter question

anyone using this device knows the difference between meter_watts and meter_watts1 from the documentation is written:

*1NOTE: ENDPOINT1 is a copy of ROOT. ROOT is used in single channel configuration. For the
correct display of all values multichannel lifeline has to be used.

But I got 2 totally different values, may be it’s the difference with the solar implant?


As far as I understand the documentation the device supports one channel with overall consumption and additional channels for each phase. How does your use case for the smart meter look like ?

No because there is endpoint 1 that is L1+L2+L3 there is endpoint 0 that is ROOT that from documentation is the same (but valuea reported are different) the there is endpoint 2,3,4 (so in total 5 endpoints)

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