Qubino zwave devices: Does somebody know how to update firmware ? (no OTA)


I have a larger number of old Qubino Flush Shutters, with old firmware. Unfortunately the firmware seems quite buggy and I like to either find a way to get them update, or I may decide to use different devices. Since the company is bust, does somebody know of a way to update them or even get the latest firmware ? I think one needs a special device for doing such updates, so it might be hopeless. Thanks for any infos.

Thanks, Markus

Afaik Shelly bought Qubino.
The z-wave binding does not support firmware updates, so you need in general either a qubino hub or you have to send them the devices.
I would contact shelly if there is possibly still support offered for the qubino devices.

Hi Chris, right, maybe Shelly does give support, I’ll try on their support line.

The free Silabs Simplicity studio can do the firmware updates, but you need to have the firmware file. Simplicity Studio - Silicon Labs (silabs.com)