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Hallo Community,

who is in charge when openhab community suffers from spam? I would like to report a fraud / abuse!
I received an e-mail message saying this:

answer to:
November 27
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[vzorglub] vzorglub Vincent Regaud
December 29, 2018
Exactly, this is not our job… A helpdesk has opening and closing hours and people
in place getting paid for it You can expect things from a helpdesk that you can’t from
the forum for that reason. Your either paying a subscription or have bought their
product. Neither is true for openHAB. That i…

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If somebody is in charge to take care of this problem I’ll be glad to help by forwarding the above e-mail!
Thanks and bye


Looks like you received an email notification because that was a post added to this thread.

Are you subscribed to that thread?

(The post was flagged as spam, and was recently removed which is why you won’t see it there anymore.)

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Don’t know why this important thread wasn’t closed yet, but now it is.

When you encounter problematic or abusive posts, use the “flag” icon and it will be reported to moderators and admins:


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