Question about HomeBuilder

With HomeBuilder within OpenBABian on my RPi… Should I save my Sitemap info as Textual Configuration Files or to the Internal Database? Thanks!

Sitemaps are always textual files. It’s not possible to save them in jsondb.

Roger that, I wonder why HomeBuilder gives you that option? I’ll save them as textual files. Really appreciate you taking the time to respond.

Ok. No idea. Guess it’s new. I’m using text files as much as possible, easier to handle.

Okay, does HomeBuilder create the files in the correct file path or do I have to copy/paste what it creates? If so, what is the correct locations to paste the Items and Sitemap? Thanks!

I would think so. Homebuilder is a beginner’s tool, so why should it put the files anywhere else?

By the way, this is just about the items not the sitemap:


Thanks @job… I’m certainly a beginner and need all the help I can get :slight_smile:

Where to find this Internal Database?
I noticed I cannot edit, only create new, “my Home” so I was thinking maybe edit the file created in Internal Database???


If you did generate items-files have a look in your items folder.
If you did generate data in the internal db look for jsondb

The location depends on your exact installation and is documented in the openhab docs.