Question about KNX2 -Control Items

I am not sure if I am missinterpreting the documentation, but would an item that is defined as -control (therefore acts as an KNX device, according to the docs) not store the state of the respective GA?
Every -control Item I tested so far didn’t respond at all to a read request from the ETS. Am I doing something wrong here?

Background: I want to control my Hue lights from KNX as well. So the easiest way to have the state of the bulbs within KNX seems to be a -control item on OH2 that can be read by the rockers on the KNX side. Unfortunately, this does not work on my installation.
So I decided to do it the “expensive way” and took an unused channel on one of my KNX actuators to play the “state machine” for that respective items. This works as intended.
I would still prefer to have this -control channel as the main state item for this function, so I can save the actuator channel for real work :wink:

Thanks a lot for any hints.

Which version of openHAB do you use?
The feature “answer read requests” was added only two weeks ago;
it should be implemented in openHAB2.4 stable.

Using the 2.4.0-1 release version (stable).
So maybe I was just trying to use it with a 2.4 nightly just before that got implemented. Thanks for the info, I will check in the next days with the current build.