Question about Location item and its representation


I think this is a general text element representation question.

I created a location item named Aussichtspunkt.
Aussichtspunkt got its values by a ruleset. It’s working fine, I can check its status in console.

openhab> smarthome:status Aussichtspunkt

Integrating it in my sitemap using Mapview item= element is working fine, too.

But: I expected Default item= to be an element of type Mapview, but in fact: it isn’t. Using Default in the sitemap leads to a Text element representation of my item, and even it has a value (49.502018,6.540795), the value shown in the sitemap is 0.

I’m also not able to get a Text element representation of a Color Item; instead of 357,62,73 - the value my Color item currently owns - it simply shows 73, the value for the brightness.

So what am I missing here? I tried several approaches, but none of them were successful :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for every hint and have a nice weekend!

What are you using for the label? Are you defining any formatting using, for example [%d]?

That’s what I mean with I tried several approaches :wink: I tried every output format that came in my mind.

  • %d just produces a minus sign in the sitemap
  • using %s, I get the 0
  • %f & Co. make no sense in this case
  • no log messages/ error messages

Unfortunately I don’t use either item type so will be of limited help. I would expect %s to show the same as calling toString in a a Rule.

Try doing a toString in a log statement and see what it prints. If it is different, file an issue at the Eclipse SmartHome project.