Question about the Alexa Skill

I want to start this with I am some what new to openhab and I have been playing with setting up things and items for the different devices I have and also trying to connect to the collection of echo devices I have in my home.

I see the Alexa skill uses the tags and labels that are part of the homekit tagging standard and this seems to be very limited in the types of devices that are supported. i am mainly looking for confirmation of this.

the use-case that i am playing with is I have a yamaha receiver (works great do the Yamaha binding ) but i am trying to figure out if i can control item like its inputs using the alexa skill. this channel is of type string and it does not seem like the homekit tagging supports items like this ??

Is this a limitation of the homekit tagging standard or a limitation in the alexa skill for openhab. I am looking to get more involved with project and my interest is in this space.