Question about Vera integration from a new user

Hello all. I am growing increasingly frustrated with SmartThings and Samsung as a company. I had a working diy security system that required a number of work arounds as ST continually deopped suppprt. Fed up with Samsung for a multitude of reasons, I have been looking into VeraSecure with a 2gig keypad as a replacement. I love the look and design of imperihome but am not willing to pay $5/ month. I have no experience with either platform and am wondering if openhab can communicate with vera to control the vera system with a dashboard like imperihome?

I don’t know if this works with the VeraSecure but I do know it does work with the Vera Hubs.

Typically OH is the hub so there would be no need for a VeraSecure unless there is a device that only the Vera Secure can talk to. And given we are all pretty thrifty, we tend to use cheap old tablets or Kindle Fire tabs or the link instead of something like a 2gig screen. I’m not sure there will be a way to host one of the OH UIs on something like a 2gig screen, but I could be wrong.

I don’t know imperihome but OH does have several options for dashboards.

HABPanel is probably the closest to imperihome if the screenshots from their website are any indication.

HabPanel seems to be exactly what I am looking for. The 2gig panel I intended to use was strictly a keypad with no alarm. I like what the verasecure offers for the security system and I have a few zigbee and wifi devices from my st system in conjunctuon with the 433mhz keypad. I am just not a fan of what I have seen for the vera UI. Hopefully I can get the VeraSecure setup easily and tinker with getting an openHab system to control things like lights and temperature from HabPanel on my Fire 7s. Thank you for the quick response. I am sure I will be back soon with a number of questions as I am not nearly as intelligent as the people on this forum.

It’s not intelligence, just experience. We’ve been at this for awhile so we know stuff. You will get there too with some time and effort. Good luck! We are happy to help!