Question of understanding: Smartthings similar to HomeKit? (no hub)

I have got some LED bulbs, stripes and sensors controlled by ESP8266 modules which communicate with basic MQTT-Topics to OH 3.0 on a RasPI.

I have set up and configured every device with the new nice OH 3.0 interface, didn’t touch any textfile at all.


  1. Installed HomeKit Addon and configured
  2. Devices not recognized: So I gave every device MetaData (Add MetaData > Apple HomeKit) to be recognized by the iOs Home App
  3. Works very well, now everyone in the family can control the lamps and sensors from the Ipad and Iphone

And now I want to have the same thing but with Smartthings on the Samsung Galaxy devices. And my question is, is this possible at all? Or do I need to buy a Smartthings Hub? I am not going to buy one, and I meant since Homekit works without a hub, so Smartthing may works also?

What I have done so far:

  1. Installed Smartthings Binding in OH an configured a thing called “Smartthings Hub”
  2. Did everything on this tutorial: (Only at the initial steps it says “4. Verify your hub is listed”, since I’ve got no hub there is “none”)
  3. Managed to install OpenHabAPPv2 in the Smartthings App on my Galaxy Phone, now I can sucessfully see a OpenHabDevice and it says “connected” but there is nothing to control yet.
  4. And now I am stuck, I thought I maybe should try to add MetaData to every device to be recognized in the Smartthings App, like I did for HomeKit, but in the OH interface when I click add Metadata there is no selection for Smartthings.

So my final question is, will this work at all without a hub? If yes, what MetaData do I have to write and where to write them? Or am I missing something else here? I would prefer to get my devices listed on the Smartthings App rather than on the OH Android App or on the Browser.

Thank you.