Question on PR Reviews for bindings

Hi all,

I’m just curious, hence posting the question here. When PR’s are done there is a label attached to some PR’s that states not backwards compatible for enhancements? When I tried to back-port enhancements to 3.4, I was told only bug fixes are going in the older branches? In which case why are enhancements being tagged with that? Am I missing something, or can stuff be back-portedto the current revision as well?

Just good to know - if anyone knows the answer?

Thanks in advance

They are labelled like that whenever breaking changes occur that require users to do manual reconfiguration of their openHAB installation.

We don’t backport breaking changes or enhancements to older versions because we only fix bugs in older versions. Every bug fix release should make openHAB less buggy.

We only backport breaking changes if they fix an add-on that would otherwise be severely broken and unusable.

@wborn Thank you that makes sense.:+1:

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