Question on "simplified" contribution to OH3

Hi All!

After having watched the OH3 presentation from the weekend, I’m currently looking into openHAB 3 and did my first steps trying to recreate what I currently have in OH2.

While doing this I noticed some bugs and UI enhancement ideas, going further I will probably notice more. Since I think OH3 looks great and very promising today and as an opensource project relies on community contributions, I’d like to do my bit and share my notes.

While I assume this is certainly very welcome, it comes with a major limitation: I most probably won’t have the time to file all these notes properly, i.e. searching for already existing bug reports or writing up reproducable reports including environment and such for each item.

So, knowing that each community has its own rules, I thought it might be best to ask beforehand:
Would it also be welcome if I shared my notes as a simple list? (or would this lead to responses like “please file here”, “that’s already been reported, why didn’t you search before”)
Would there be “resources” available attending to that and if required convert it into properly filed issues? (cause if not I’d either have to see if after all I can spend more time or if I’ll have to drop it)
If so, would the community forum here be the right place to share?

Thank you!


For bugs or feature requests to be considered by the developers, the recommended process is to open an Issue on GitHub. Some people discuss things in this user forum to get other ideas first.

Not all OH developers are part of this user forum.

I would avoid filing bugs on OH3 that might be obvious since there has not yet been a stable release. The best thing there would be to post in the proper discussion thread. The current one for Milestone 5 is here.

There is a new thread looking for language translation assistance if that appeals to you.

I personally get involved a little more “behind the scenes” helping with the Z-Wave device database used by the OH binding.

Your post would be welcome. However:

  • as Bruce points out, it’s probably best to post it to the milestone release thread as opposed to a separate thread
  • of course there will be responses that say “that issue has already been filed”. It prevents wasting other’s time looking into or filing an issue on something that is already known about
  • you as the person who is experiencing the problem is in the best position to file the issue and provide the information necessary for the developers to address the issue. So yes, if you report a problem that hasn’t already been filed, you will likely be asked to file an issue. Just posting about it is unlikely to contain enough information to solve it and not all problems are easily reproducible. So only in those relatively rare cases where a problem is easily reproducible would someone be able to file the issue for you.

But all things considered, more time was probably spent making this post than filing an issue would require.

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Ok, thanks guys. I will see if I can find the time to read through the milestone thread and post things there.
Actually, I have filed some issues at github already, but considering this

I would avoid filing bugs on OH3 that might be obvious since there has not yet been a stable release

it seems to be better to switch to that forum thread, which I will do from now on.

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