Question: Openhab integration of Somfy roller shutters and Velux KLF200?

Dear enthousiasts,

I am planning to get roller shutters and the 1st offer consists of using Somfy motors: io Homecontrol. I have read this can be challenging, but there is no-one else I can ask for her/his experience. Eventually I would like to integrate it in a stable matter in Openhab. No stable integration would mean an issue.

What I have found so far:

  • the Tahoma (switch of V2) can be integrated but this is a cloud based solution. Meaning a connection towards internet is necessary. I’ve read that in the past Somfy can be strict regarding the connection (to many usage can result in a ban).
  • the Velux KLF-200 is also a solution which can work properly. Advantage is that it is a ‘local’ / own network solution (no internet connection is necessary nor is an account necessary with a supplier)

I prefer the KLF200 solution, since it is a NON cloud solution (on my own premises).

I also read some stories regarding issues while pairing, missing functionality upto even locking the motor controls.

Is anyone willing to share her/his experience? Also the steps needed to pair the somfy with the KLF200?

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My experience is as follows:
IO is a very closed protocol. Using a Tahoma-box to connect to openhab works but it’s a bit the opposite of what you are usually trying to achieve with openhab: you have an additional gateway which needs a permanent cloud connection.
I decided for Somfy RTS shutters because they can be controlled directly by openhab with an rfxtrx or an rf-link. I moved all my shutters to rfxtrx and got rid of the annoying Tahoma-box.
Downside is that RTS is not bidirectional but I don’t really care. Sending shutters to certain positions is realized in my openhab with timers and works like a charm.
I’m not sure whether the KLF 200 can operate somfy io shutters. At least the description in the internet says it cannot connect to somfy.
If I would buy new shutters now I think I would consider standard shutters with shelly switches.

Hi Larsen,
Thx for sharing your experience. I, however, like the feedback of the position and are using it right now (on the old shutters by using fibaro zwave switches). I found: Setting up a Velux KLF-200 io-homecontrol gateway which states it should be working but also found many sites which state it doesn’t. That’s why I asked if someone on this forum has made some experience.

I absolutely agree with your remarks regarding the tahoma option. Therefor the KLF sounds interesting.

I probably will order via internet, which allows me to return it, if it’s not working as expected.
Best regards.

Good Morning,

I am using Somfy IO shutters and awnings around the house and have been controlling them with openhab for 3 years now.

I own a conexxoon for the cloud connection. I own a RFXcom aswell but opted for IO because or the secure(r) coms and the ability to send and read percentages to my shutters and awnings.

Yes, it’s a cloud connection which is not my preference when it comes to integration of products into my home. It is however a alternative to open your shutters if all else fails.

The somfy IO binding goes down once or twice a year because of some sort of rate limiting on the somfy side. I made a small rule that detects the bridge being logged out, dis and enables it in an hour so in the event it does go down the system recovers on its own.

Basicly in my opinion the ONLY downside is the cloud connection. Controlling the units does work beautifully though!

Dear HWL,

Somfy io can be discovered by the KLF200. My house started out with two Velux windows, of which the flat roof window was electric for opening and a curtain. Since then added solarpowered sunshade to the flat roof window and electrified the slanted roof window with opening motor, sunshade and curtain, all io protocol.

Two years ago I had a Somfy awning and screen installed. These were discovered by my Velux tablet remotes and I could also discover them with the KLF200. I am controlling all items with openhab (started at version 2.5 but am now on version 3) with rules based on sun position and inclination, amount of light, wind, etc.

I have never encountered the reported ghost state of the KLF200. Works perfectly in my case.

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Yes, there seem to be quite a few users who run Somfy shades on the Velux KLF200 binding.

Hello HWL,

I have 12 RTS Somfy blinds and 1 IO awning.

The IO awning gets picked up by the Somfy / Tahoma bridge and works 100%. The 12 RTS blinds I’ve managed to accurately automate their position effectively through rules and now control them primarily through Alexa voice control.

It’s still uses the Somfy / Tahoma bridge to execute the movements; like others I’ve had very few issues with using that API.

I created a proxy item to hold the time taken for a full blind movement, another proxy item for the required position which also has semantic attributes so that it shows in the main UI and is controllable via the OH / Alexa skill, and two further proxy items for the total blind cycles/operations to give an estimated battery level and low battery alarm; and finally the dimmer item to receive commands for UP / DOWN and STOP
It’s tuned to respond to movements to the nearest 10% and the program will use the opportunity when the blind is moving from a ‘Nearly Closed’ or ‘Nearly Open’ position to re-sync it’s actually position so in rooms with multiple blinds they don’t get out of step.
The blind cycles / battery calculation works great; and Alexa lets me know when a group of blinds is likely to require recharging. Obviously it is all based on the blind calibration proxy time being correct, but if you get that right you would think the motor was an IO rather than RTS!

I’m more than happy to send copies of a the code - it would give you a good starting point.

Whilst I’m very happy with my solution, I do like none cloud options, so reading Larsen’s comments above makes me think I’ll investigate that in the future too.

Hi all,

Many thanks for your responses. I think I will go for the KLF200 integration. Though I understand the advantages of the Tahoma switch / connexoon.

Best regards.

sorry for posting in this “old” thread but I think here are the right people :blush:
I read something about a limit of 5 units per KLF200… Does anybody control more than 5 units ?
Is there a second (third) KLF 200 needed if I increase the number of IO shutters afterwards?
Thanks a lot for sharing your experience.

The limit of 5 units is for “physical” control, meaning you can attach five physical switches to control items. The KLF200 can control a lot of units. I have 8 units: two Velux sunscreens, two Velux windows, two Velux “curtains” and two Somfy screen/sunshades.

The maximum amount of units will be some binary number like 128 or 256.

Thanks for your feedback!