Question regarding Fibaro Dimmer 2 (FGD212)


Openhab2 automatically found and created channels for this device, but this unit is defined with 3 dimming channels - which will create 3 sliters in the automatically created sitemap:

If i slide switch_dimmer the light will change, and also change the value of switch_dimmer1.
If I change switch_dimmer1 it will not update switch_dimmer but the light still changes.
If the dimmer is controlled by S1 switch on the dimmer or by the Octan remote, only switch_dimmer1 is updated.
switch_dimmer2 doesn’t do anything and is not updated.

However, I’m pretty sure that in the beginning only the switch_dimmer-channel was updated when the dimmer was operated by the remote. This suddenly changed at some point. Maybe when I by mistake unlinked and relinked the switch_dimmer1-channel on the thing in the paper ui.

I haven’t found any explanation on this so I’m asking here. Hope anyone can give an explanation and/or confirm that my observations are the expected behaviour.

switch_dimmer, should control the root control - normally this is mapped to endpoint 1 which is why you see switch_dimmer 1 also moving when you move switch_dimmer.

switch_dimmer1 is the first endpoint - the reason you don’t see switch_dimmer change here is because this is now using multi_instance messaging, so switch_dimmer = switch_dimmer1, but switch_dimmer1 != switch_dimmer (if that makes sense?!?).

switch_dimmer2 should be the second switch. In the FGD212 there is no load connected to this, but you can use the button on the device to send messages - effectively using this to control a completely different switch.

We probably should delete switch_dimmer from the channels list in the database, but these are generated automatically in the database until someone with more knowledge of the device goes and edits it. By that I mean that the database software can’t automatically know what all the connections are, so it just provides everything until it’s manually updated.

I hope that makes sense anyway? :wink:

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Thank you for a quick answer.

This makes sense. I only wanted to be sure to use the correct channels, so nothings suddenly stops working. And of course to be sure that it was not a software bug.