Questions about addressable led strips

I have just been watching a few videos on YouTube about that topic

So you mean something like this?

Once setup it hosts a webserver and openhab would be able too send a request too that webserver changing the status of the strip

seems pretty simple actually if you plan on using the built in patterns/effects it would be alot easier too have a few videos too follow for guidance…

If I could get a addressable strip up and running standalone using its webserver I could always post here for help on integration with openhab and the strip

is there not strips you can just buy ready built from amazon that are WiFi enabled?

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How easy were you hoping this would be :wink:



Plug and play lol no seriously still just looking around getting my head around it all

I believe the correct answer to that is…
“Oh, I see”

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I’m just after a good solution its actually all quite complex there’s just so many different options same as everything smart home related like I say I’m just still thinking really :wink:

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I think it depends on what types of patterns you actually want too what way you solve this problem

Your patterns are amazing and that’s definitely what I’m after but would also be happy on simple patterns like in the video I posted while i try and work out the real deal :wink:

As I don’t actually understand these strips ect you need too start somewhere :slight_smile:

If there was an off the shelf product I would start there and move too arduino and deeper

That’s an excellent way to think about it.

  1. What do you want it all to look like in the end

  2. How is that easily / cost effectively achieved

  3. Do you want to be able to change the patterns at will, or are you happy to code a little for each pattern

  4. What technology do you need to achieve the above


The easiest and most cost effective is off the shelf wifi strips from places like amazon that host a standard web server that openhab could send Web commands too but then you are locked into very specific patterns/effects if these are even available

Moving on too custom built solutions taking time and understanding but then you can have any type of patterns you want

Im not sure what style of patterns I actually want I just want more from an led strip than normal ones provide one colour is like yesterday’s tech

Chasing & rainbow & Christmas effects are probably my main effects

As for coding if it’s needed it’s needed I would prefer to not do work if it’s not needed no need too waste time but not being happy with the final product is still a waste of my time

I have also be subscribing too your channel :wink:

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You would have to look around. Some of the strip controllers sold on Ali express are esp8266 based and could be reflashed.


@Sharpy just an update on MQTTany, turns out sACN support was easier than I thought to add, it is now available in version 0.10.0.

I also stumbled on ESPPixelStick software and hardware recently, which may be a cheaper option for a receiver if you are in the US.

You can use the sACN output in MQTTany with any receiver that supports sACN though.

Also if you have any issues with MQTTany, please open an issue on GitHub or you can chat on Gitter.

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Hi Guys

I have also a question about adressable led strips. I bought a magic home controller to control my WS2811 strip. Everything works and also the connection to openhab works via the wifi led binding. My question is, is it possible to control only a part of leds? eg. turn on 1-30, wait 2 seconds, then turn on 31 to 60 and so on? I wand to use this for my stair light an thought if I could turn on segment by segment this shoulb be very easy, but I haven´t found a way how to control just segments. And if this is not possible, is it somehow possible to make a starup program, which is not a loop?


@Daniel_OH what firmware are you using to run the leds?

You would have no problem doing what you ask if the firmware supports a command for each segment.

The controller Link runs on a1.v3

I use openhab 2.5 on a Rpi 3


ON that controller you would have to develop scenes you can trigger. That is the only way I know of to do what you ask.

Thank. THe Problem with the scenes on the controler is, that they alway work in a loop and its not possible to adress ony a few of the led. Is there an other controller which would ork better?


CAn that controller be reflashed with a custom firmware? Wled/Tasmota/Esphome?

You can search around and see if it can be flashed, once flashed you can do what you are asking.

You could change to an sACN controller and use MQTTany. You could then write a custom animation, or use one of the built-in ones like fade.pixel to fade the LEDs with several commands from openHAB. With a custom animation you would be able to make the illuminated LEDs “slide” up the stairs.