Questions about building and testing a binding

System: macOS 10.14
Hi everyone, I am new to openHAB and want to develop a single binding, but I have questions. I follow the instructions to use the script in the openhab2-addons folder to create a demo binding, but how can I test it?
What I mean is that, I usually install a binding by starting openHAB and downloading a binding using my web browser online.

  1. Where does the binding I download store? I can not find them from the local maven repo or anywhere.

  2. If I create a new binding, how can I add them such that when I launches openHAB using my web browser, I can find them in the webpage and choose to install or uninstall? What is the general workflow to develop a binding?

Thanks for anyone who can give me any idea. I am new but I am crazy about openHAB. I want to learn it!

Here is the documentation about how to manually install bindings:

If you want to develop and debug a binding, and want to use Eclipse you can find the instructions here:

Thank you so much and I will learn it!
BTW, could you please tell me where is the binding downloaded online stored? I can not find them locally.

Hi Hilbrand. I also have the same question about where the binding downloaded stored. Can you give some hints?

Where a binding is installed depends on where openHAB is installed. I don’t have a specific answer. But I don’t see how this information, to know where a binding is installed is useful information. Manual installed bindings are installed at another location as mentioned in the first link. So maybe you can tell how the information where bindings are installed will help you (with binding development)?

Actually I put the jar file into addons folder, but it seems that I can not find my demo binding in Paper UI. The version of jar file is 2.5.0-SNAPSHOT but my openHAB is 2.5.0.M4. I want to know if the version is the reason that I can not find it in PaperUI and I want to check if I use milestone openHAB, what the version of bindings downloaded from PaperUI is.

The version itself has nothing to do with if it works or not. Check the log to see if there is an error when you added the binding. If not it’s likely it might be the binding.xml not being correct or the wrong directory. See if you can run the binding in eclipse. You can always build any of the existing bindings locally with maven and see if those get picked up if you put them in the addons directory, If not it’s might be the wrong directory, or check the log if there is any error reported.

Dear Hilbrand, thanks for your help! I found the problem: actually the permission should be set 777 ( or lower, I think just execution permission is enough ) such that the binding can work. Thank you again.