Questions about Openhab+Tasmota+Mqtt i cant find out

Hello :),

im looking the whole day for answers but i didnt managed to solve my issues.
So i have tasmota with sensors (analog input) and I got a mqtt broker, now I have to get my analog sensor values to openhab but im so confused with the topics. and what i need in my “thing” (i want everthing in the files not with the UI). I made a mqtt bridge but i dont know how to find out the topic name or the name of the sensor i want. i dont even understand this stantad tasmota topic:tasmota_%06X what does the %06X even mean? and for example i change it to “home” how can i define it in my things to get my values of the sensors, where do I find the exact topic and how to make the thing channel?

thank you

I found this thread with this quick howto very helpful: Success with Sonoff zigbee bridge and zigbee binding