Questions about Openhab+Tasmota+Mqtt i cant find out

Hello :),

im looking the whole day for answers but i didnt managed to solve my issues.
So i have tasmota with sensors (analog input) and I got a mqtt broker, now I have to get my analog sensor values to openhab but im so confused with the topics. and what i need in my “thing” (i want everthing in the files not with the UI). I made a mqtt bridge but i dont know how to find out the topic name or the name of the sensor i want. i dont even understand this stantad tasmota topic:tasmota_%06X what does the %06X even mean? and for example i change it to “home” how can i define it in my things to get my values of the sensors, where do I find the exact topic and how to make the thing channel?

thank you

I found this thread with this quick howto very helpful: Success with Sonoff zigbee bridge and zigbee binding


%06X is shortcut text that gets replaced with the last 6 characters of the tasmota device MAC address. This is used to ensure that each topic is unique.

Most of the time to get Tasmota devices to work you can use SetOption19 1 in the Tasmota console to use HomeAssistant Auto Discovery to work. This should make the device pop up in OpenHab Things Inbox with all the Channels preconfigured.

Otherwise the default topic are:
[device_name] = the Tasmota device name which you can change in Configuration → MQTT → Topic.

  • tele/[device_name]/LWT = the availablity topic - whethere device is ‘Online’ or ‘Offline’.
  • tele/[device_name]/STATE = the values topic that represent the current state of the device.
  • cmnd/[device_name]/POWER = the command topic to change the POWER value (if the device has POWER toggle).

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