Questions about the Event Bus

Hi All,

I have some questions about the Event Bus for 2.4.0.

I’m considering 3 x OpenHabs, within the home connected by ethernet. Each OpenHab will have a ZWave Stick and its own ZWave devices.

Am I right in saying I need the MQTT 1.x Event Bus for this purpose? I have no desire to use 2.4.0 MQTT.

I would setup items specific to each OpenHab but I would use HabPanel to control all 3 of the units, from the main OpenHAB.

In terms of sending a command to a remote openhab, do I simply specify the item name and the command? I would assume no channel is needed as the item is remote? Naturally that remote item is defined on the remote OpenHAB with a ZWave channel.

Do I need to create all the items on the main openhab of the remote openhabs?

Just a little fuzzy on how its setup and how it operates.



But that’s your choice, so you’ve defined your own need.

That’s the idea.

There are no channels for 1.x bindings.

The purpose is to mirror events affecting Items; you need a “local” copy of an Item to mirror a “remote” Item.
You would in case need a local version to view via e.g. HABpanel connecting only to the local server.

Worth spending time working out a sound Item naming strategy, or you will go mad.

For future readers of this thread who do want to use MQTT 2, see MQTT 2.5 Event Bus for how to configure an event bus using the new binding. If you are using the Next Gen Rule Engine, I’ve submitted a reusable library to the Helper Libraries that you can just configure and use, no need to copy/paste/edit the code. The NGRE version has additional features like tracking LWT of the remote openHAB instances and the like.

I am looking to see if following the Homie convention would be useful for the event bus to enable automatic discovery. But I want to get the current version merged into the Helper Libraries first.

Thanks rossko57, I found some sample configurations etc.