Questions about zwave database/thing definitions

thanks in advance for any assistance. i’m new to OH2, having just migrated over from domoticz. i have read just about everything i can find, and i’m still confused, hoping for some clear, concise guidance and education…

i have a few Things that, when added and appear in Inbox in PaperUI or Habmin, appear as unknown, not discovered by the binding, not in the database… you get the idea. for example, my FortrezZ WV-01 water valve - appearing as unknown means that i can’t set properties, or add Items under the Thing.

so, i submitted a ticket with chris, and sent the XML file that was created on association. chris said he “updated the database.”

here’s what i don’t understand – how do database definitions “get to my OH2 install?” do i have to download the XML definition from the database, and replace something on my install? is there a database file(s) locally where i swap out my bad XML with an appropriate XML for my device? is this clearly documented and explained somewhere, and i just missed it?

i apologize for the clearly stupid question, but i’m really at loss and need some guidance. thanks in advance.

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: RPi3 model B 32GB
    • OS: Raspian / openhabianpi
    • Java Runtime Environment: which java platform is used and what version
    • openHAB version: 2-3-0.1
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  • Please post configurations (if applicable):
    • Items configuration related to the issue
    • Sitemap configuration related to the issue
    • Rules code related to the issue
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The database entries are merged into the zwave binding every couple of days, you need to download the latest zwave snapshot binding, uninstall your current binding, drop the new one into your addons folder and then (to be sure you got the right one) check via karaf console if the new zwave binding is running.
Last step: delete the thing (don’t exclude), readd the thing and you should be good to go.

this is helpful, thank you. a few more questions so i can ensure clarity…

  1. i understand that i can download the latest XML for that Thing - that’s not the whole database, which is updated periodically only. correct?
  2. i gather from your response that i have to update the entire database, not just the XML for that one device?

i appreciate your patience and responsiveness as i learn this system.

No - the database is compiled into the binding. You can’t easily update a single device - I try and do updates once or twice a week with the latest database additions so you just need to use the latest snapshot.

As above - the database is compiled into the binding, so by updating the binding to the latest snapshot, it will automatically have the latest published database.

chris, got it - that explains why i couldn’t find it. finally, i see in the PaperUI under Addons–>Bindings that i can remove the z-wave binding from there… is it safe to say that if, tomorrow (or whenever it updates), i can download the new snapshot jar, put it “somewhere,” remove the binding, and re-add it?

then, remove the Thing, and let it reappear in the inbox, add it…

am i on the right track? thanks again.

I’m not completely sure what updates you’re waiting for? I did a database update on Sunday, so anything before that ought to be in the binding.

If you are running the SNAPSHOT runtime (as opposed to the STABLE), then all you need to do to upgrade to the latest version is go to PaperUI, uninstall the binding, wait 30 seconds and reinstall. There’s no need to manually download the binding.

If you are running the stable runtime, then yes, you will need to manually put the binding into the addons folder after removing the current version using PaperUI. Don’t then reinstall the PaperUI binding - just putting the file into addons will (normally!) be enough to start it. The only caveat to that is that if there are dependencies missing, then it may be necessary to resolve them manually. (easiest is to just use the Snapshot runtime).

If the database update is to add new channels, then you will need to delete the thing and add it again (no need to reinclude it into the network though). This causes OH to pull the latest definition from the database.