Questions regarding the semantic model

I’m running Openbab 3.0 in Docker on an S905 TV Box with Coreelec. It works like a charm :heart_eyes:

I was wondering how you handle your semantic model/Items. I tend to add all channels of a thing to an Item I create. This fills up the autogenerated Pages nicely but tends to clutter them also. So I was wondering what is your take on this. Only add currently needed channels and add more afterwards?
Also I’m having trouble fitting these into the semantic model:

  • Chromecast
  • Balcony

For the balcony I could use terrace but feels a bit off. For the Chromecast receiver might also not be correct.

Love to hear your input

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There are two approaches you can use. As you already guessed, leave those Items out of the model. The other approach is to overide each Item’s default list widget metadata and set the visibility to false. Then it won’t show up in the autogenerated cards.

For the chromecasts, if they are a Home speaker I tag the equipment Group with Speaker. If they are a Home Hub I tagged the Equipment Group with VoiceAssistant. If it’s a CC plugged into a TV I tagged the Equipment with Receiver.

As with most things in the model, it doesn’t really matter so long as you are consistent and it makes sense to you. There isn’t really a “correct” set of tags. What I’ve done makes sense for me but may not make sense for you. And there are some compromises I’ve made as well. For example, VoiceAssistant is an equally valid Equipment type for the Google Home Minis. But we mostly use them as speakers and to play music so I tagged them with Speaker instead.

For the balcony, really there is no practical difference between any of the room tags as far as I can see. So you could just tag it with “Room” can call it “Balcony” and it will work the same as if you tagged it with Terrace or even Kitchen. Maybe sometime in the future there might be something more done with the different Location tags but for now they are all treated the same.

One of my frustrations with the model is there is just enough detail in the lists of locations and equipment types to imply that the tags actually carry more meaning than they really do right now.

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I had the same problem. How can I set visibility to false?
Is it possible to hide an item on location and not on diveces?

Go to the Item. Click "add metadata and “custom list widget”. There is an option near the bottom to set the visibility to false.


I didn’t found “custom list widget” but I tried on “default list item widget”. Set “false” on “visibility option” do not hide the item on widget

It needs to be false without any quotes.

yes, I did and it not worked.

Thanks @rlkoshak for the response. So went the route and added only the bare minimum I need at the moment and subsequently add stuff if the need arises. got rid of all the clutter and KISS. I created a simple Overview page. Only problem I have now is that in myopenhab i get an empty sitemap for Home. Also item states don’t seem to be displayed when using myopenhab and all changes to the model are not saved when going trough the admin panel vie myopenhab. Removing, renaming, tagging etc. are not saved.
But I have to investigate further when I get back home and have local access to the logs etc.