Quick question about hue

Are Philips hue and freinds compatible out of the box if you the hub and installed binding (Using PaperUI)

I read something about the bindings being old and you need to manually create sitemaps ect (I have no experience doing text edits)

If there is better solutions than hue please let me know

I cannot find anything about that in the docs, so your source must have been wrong or old.


But you have to define the things file manually because of the generated user name. But that can also be found in the docs.

I have just added a hue Bridge and two bulbs just white bulbs at the moment binding worked perfect

Thanks for the help appreciate that

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Is the hue motion sensor supoorted with the hue binding I couldent see it under supported devices

I am afraid the answer is: No. But you can have a look here Philips HUE Motion sensor in OH2? how to integrate the motion sensor with HTTP binding and JS transformation.

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That’s a shame I would have thought it was supported just not listed I’m not sure about setting up the http part and I don’t own a hue sensor

Do you know if there are plans on adding it to the binding

Of course we want to have it in the binding. If anyone has time to implement it, please do so and contribute.

i have time not the skill