Quickset Z-Wave Lock Issues

Coming back to OH3 after a leaving a successful OH2 setup for HomeAssistant. I have a Kwickset 914 Z-Wave deadbolt that was previously working without issue in my other installations. Now that I’ve moved to OH3, the device is constantly showing up in my log as “OFFLINE (COMMUNICATION_ERROR)”, then healing itself, then going offline again. There doesn’t appear to be any degree of regularity to it but it can be counted on to happen daily.

Additionally, when the lock is online, I can’t consistently trigger the lock to change state (lock/unlock). The log shows The usual “…changed from OFF to ON” “…received command ON” “…predicted to become ON” but nothing happens physically. Are there other logs now available separate from frontail that might offer more insight next time this happens?

I’m going to ask a dumb question here – is it securely included?

To the best of my understanding? I’m still crashing my way through familiarizing myself with OH3 so it’s entirely possible it isn’t. I just used the GUI: went to things, clicked the plus button, selected z-wave binding, then “Scan” at the top. Pressed the z-wave button on the lock and it appeared in the list of things to add.
Is there a separate way to include things securely now?

It may not be securely included unless you took deliberate steps to make it so.

Go to your Kwickset lock thing. Under Thing Properties, look for zwave_secure. Make sure it says true. If not, you’re not securely included. You’ll have to exclude the device and try it again. If that’s the case, see below.

First, go to your Z-wave Series Controller thing, click on the Show Advanced checkbox, and look for Secure Inclusion Mode. Make sure it says Entry Control Devices.

After excluding the lock, try including again. Some hints:

  • You may want to do a factory reset on the lock beforehand
  • Bring the lock as close as you can to your z-wave hub
  • Flip the lock back and forth to make sure it is fully configured and that your XML file appears.

Good luck. I have a Schlage lock but all these locks seem to be finicky this way.

Thanks for the tips, John. It looks like I did everything right - Entry Control Devices was checked when I added the door (I’ve actually had this lock long enough to remember that feature getting added after I bought the lock, lol) and the thing shows “true” for ‘zwave_secure’.
At this point, my only guess is that I was in the process of adding a bunch of zwave devices and the lock was victim to the bandwidth usage of the network while everything was being initialized - it seems to be working reliably now.

Great! Maybe it needed a network heal.