Qundis heat meter read optical interface (HMR5)

I am living in a rent apartment with such a heat meter. I am looking for a solution to read data from the optical bus. I have used optical interfaces for engergy meters, but need the protocol for the heat meter.

Qundis itself is not willing to help end-users, they only offer support their direct customers.

You might check if this device supports wireless m-bus. Then with an extra USB antenna you will be able to receive packets. Assuming that device uses encrypted communication, you still will need to obtain encryption key to decode actual payload.


There is no wireless m-bus. There is a hardware addon which reads data from the optical interface and transfers them via wifi with mbus protocol. But it costs 150€. If someone re-engineered the protocol, that would help a lot. Or if someone has some hints how to do it. I have no idea about optical interfaces.

Any success? I got multiple of those meters and got standard USB->IR interface which I use for reading electricity meter, but did not managed to make it working.