Rachio or similar hose controls

I’ve done a bit of searching here specifically Rachio and the current status / stability is unclear. I’m only interested in the Rachio hose “timers” so I can control my zones with OH like I do my lights.

I have not bought ANY “timers” yet, so I’m actually open to suggestions. (Note: I will have 6 - 8 zones off two faucets (4 each)).

It’s not an official binding and it doesn’t appear to be in the marketplace. I followed it for a bit but there really isn’t anything that I need from the add-on so I never installed it. The Rachio app is pretty good on it’s own so I just use that. I don’t really need my irrigation tied to the rest of my home automation at this time.

But my understanding is that it is pretty capable and Rachio has been willing to work with the developer so I wouldn’t be concerned about trying it. Maybe someone who uses it can chime in.