Rademacher Duofern without fhem, but pyduofern-server

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I want to share my Rademacher Duofern solution that works without a FHEM installation, but the simpler pyduofern-based pyduofern-server turned into an item via the http binding.

It works via a number item to poll the webhook, a virtual rollershutter to receive the UP/DOWN/STOP events (the http binding does not support rollershutters natively):

Number KleinesZimmerRolladen_Value "Kleines Zimmer Rolladen [%.0f %%]" <Blinds>  { http="<[http://pyduofern-server:8080/devices/400209/position:5000:JS(parseInt.js)]" }

Rollershutter KleinesZimmerRolladen “Kleines Zimmer Rolladen [%.0f %%]”

and two rules to copy value from the number to the shutter item, and to implement the commands: https://github.com/sttts/pyduofern-server/blob/master/openhab/rules/duofern.rules

All the config is available at https://github.com/sttts/pyduofern-server/tree/master/openhab.

At the end, it looks and behaves like a native roller shutter, including blind position visible via the icon:

Best regards,

Hi Stefan,

thank you for sharing this setup.
I think this coul be an interesting solution. I am still looking how to integrate my Rademacher blinds into OH, and I don’t want to install also FHEM as a second system in parallel.

But now I am stuck with the Duofern stick.
It seems that the Rademacher USB Stick 70000093 Typ 9495-UW is not realy available at any shop. Is it discontinued?
Mainly I see the Rademacher USB Stick Z-Wave 8430, but that seems to be something different, newer generation? Do you know, if that also can be used?

Lg Holger