Rademacher Duofern without fhem, but pyduofern-server

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I want to share my Rademacher Duofern solution that works without a FHEM installation, but the simpler pyduofern-based pyduofern-server turned into an item via the http binding.

It works via a number item to poll the webhook, a virtual rollershutter to receive the UP/DOWN/STOP events (the http binding does not support rollershutters natively):

Number KleinesZimmerRolladen_Value "Kleines Zimmer Rolladen [%.0f %%]" <Blinds>  { http="<[http://pyduofern-server:8080/devices/400209/position:5000:JS(parseInt.js)]" }

Rollershutter KleinesZimmerRolladen “Kleines Zimmer Rolladen [%.0f %%]”

and two rules to copy value from the number to the shutter item, and to implement the commands: https://github.com/sttts/pyduofern-server/blob/master/openhab/rules/duofern.rules

All the config is available at https://github.com/sttts/pyduofern-server/tree/master/openhab.

At the end, it looks and behaves like a native roller shutter, including blind position visible via the icon:

Best regards,

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Hi Stefan,

thank you for sharing this setup.
I think this coul be an interesting solution. I am still looking how to integrate my Rademacher blinds into OH, and I don’t want to install also FHEM as a second system in parallel.

But now I am stuck with the Duofern stick.
It seems that the Rademacher USB Stick 70000093 Typ 9495-UW is not realy available at any shop. Is it discontinued?
Mainly I see the Rademacher USB Stick Z-Wave 8430, but that seems to be something different, newer generation? Do you know, if that also can be used?

Lg Holger

Hi Stefan,

Your implementation seems to fit my requirements and would help me getting rid of FHEM | Homepilot.

My goal is to control my 3 Rollotron Duofern devices (2x Plus 1405, 1x Basis 1100) from Openhab 2.5 (Ubuntu 18.04, Python 2.7 / 3.6). I have done a fresh installation of pyduofern, the devices are paired through the Duofern USB Stick, and can be moved up/down using duofern_cli.py

Now I would like to install your pyduofern-server. Unfortunately I’ve little Linux experience and have never used docker before.

Is there a simple recipe I can follow to install this package and it’s requirements?

Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you, very interesting! But what steps are necessary to install the underlying software? Is there somewhere an instruction / a tutorial which shows what steps are neccessary? (e.g. install python, docker, etc.).

Thank you!

Hello Robert,

Docker instructions can be found at https://github.com/sttts/pyduofern-server.

This is how I run it, using k3s on Raspberry Pis:

Best regards,

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Hi Stefan,

I have no experience at all with Docker and K3S and need some detailed instructions to get my system running.

I use now a Rademacher HomePilot with the Duofern-Stick. As I have openHAB 2 running on RPi4, I want to eliminate the HomePilot and install the pyduofern-server on a RPi3b+ which runs Debian Buster in order to control my 15 rollershutters with openHAB.

On this Rpi3b+ I have installed Docker and Docker Compose.

How should I install K3S?

Where should the pyduofern-server.yaml file be saved and what are the commands to start the server?

I downloaded the zip file on https://github.com/sttts/pyduofern-server

Where should I save the files main.py .gitignore Makefile and requirements.txt ?

How should I do the CleanUp of docker image using all these files?

How does the pairing sequence work in detail?
( $ docker run -it --rm --name pyduofern-server --privileged docker.io/sttts/pyduofern-server:latest --code --device /dev/ttyUSB0 --pair --pair-time 120 )

Are the 6-digit hex Duofern-Codes from the motors needed for the pairing?

Is there anything else I need to install?

Thanks in advance and best regards.