Rain Machine Binding

Anyone interested? I just purchased one and was thinking about putting together a binding for it and was wondering the interest (and if someone would like to test it when I get to that point)?

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Yes - just got one of these. Have you made any progress?


I have not - since there was no response, I changed to creating another binding (neeo) and am quite busy with this. Maybe when we near summer again I’ll look into it…


Thanks Tim - I might have a go, about time I got my head around creating bindings

Any news on this one? I’m really interested becaouse I’m going to buy a Rainmachine sprinkler really soon…


I am also very interested in this Binding. I already have a Rain Machine controller and would love to add it to add it to my openhab system!

Me too… would be great if this is built.

Anyone building the Rainmachine binding? Anyone using the HTTP Binding with the Rainmachine API?

any progress here - I’m considering buying one…

For information I’ve now coded the core of a RainMachine binding to currently just gather the status. I’m not currently using my RainMachine, hence it’s just a basic binding but do intend to get it installed over the next month or so as we move into summer.

If anyone wants to try this, please let me know and I’ll look to make it available.


Great job, Chris. I am looking into buying a smart sprinkler this month and so far RainMachine is the winner for me. Having a openHAB binding would certainly end my doubts :slight_smile:

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Let me know when you have a unit running and I’ll try and create a binding that can be used. I might still be a month or two away from getting my system installed (new house, so lots to do) which will spur on some more development, but the basic discovery and communications, and zone state handling is there already…