Rainbird integration

Hi! I have a ranibird system with Lnk Wifi module. I would like to integrate it somehow to openhab, but I find no working solution here. Can anybody help me? It would be great to find a way to get it connected somehow!

Thank you in advance for any kind of help!

Anybody can help me? No one has this kind of system?

I would assume that pyrainbird or the rewrite in Node-Red ( node-rainbird - npm ) should work - according to google other system make use of this implementation.
As you wrote you tried other - not working - solutions I assume you also tried these.
Apart of these I do not have other suggestions.

Thank you for your reply. I did not try any solution, as I did not find direct openhab binding. I am not professional sw developer I dont know how to use pyrainbird. But if I find some information how to start I think I will be able to try it. The best would be to find someone who already has a solution and follow his sample.

Since the Rain Bird LNK works natively with Google/Alexa services, it might be possible to use these to bridge the gap between OH and the Rain Bird.

If there are any enterprising developers out there, I’d also be very interested in a native Rain Bird LNK binding. It shouldn’t even be too difficult, as Home Assistant has one and it’s rather simple and small.