Rainforest Automation Raven (USB/tty) Energy Meter


I have a Rainforest Automation Raven USB stick which ennumerates as a serial device. The company provides a very detailed API for decoding the serial data. (I haven’t checked but I assume the protocol is similar to the EAGLE ethernet device)

Is anyone working on the serial version of this device, or does anyone want to help me get started creating an OH2 binding. (I read the create a binding docs but fear they are OH1 based and I do not want to start there)

I was interested in this, but it doesn’t look like they are selling them anymore. not on their website nor amazon anymore.

I am using a python utility that connect to a MQTT server. listen to Raven(s) and send periodic update:

It works fine although it does not reconnect well when the ZigBee link to the meter goes down.
I then need to retry the program.

There is also an implementation based on Node.js: https://github.com/squidpickles/raven