Rainforest Eagle200

Hey Guys! I just discovered openhab and started using it last week. I am working on openhab for a company who want to learn if they can integrate rainforest eagle 200 hub with openhab. I dont see any rainforest bindings on the documentation of openhab website. Please let me know if this can be done and how to approach this

According to their API docs the device supports Zigbee so you would use that binding for that. In addition is appears to have a local and a cloud based HTTP API so the HTTP binding and/or rules with the HTTP Actions can be used.

Thanks alot for your timely response. I cannot use the local based binding for now but I will look into the HTTP API. I have a few other zigbee devices but I am very confused about how to get their port numbers? Please enlighten me on that as well

There was a binding for 2.5 that worked well but dose not work under 3.0. Now I just post to the device interface and scrape results.

Get what port numbers? Zigbee devices don’t have port numbers. They don’t use WiFi nor TCP/IP. You have to have a Zigbee coordinator. With that you pair the coordinator with the device which adds the device to the Zigbee network. Once part of the network OH will automatically create a Thing for the device.

thank you for explaining but my problem still stands. I looked into the HTTP binding and i have no clue on how to connect it to my rainforest eagle 200 device or the RFA hub

can you explain further?

I understand that but is there a way where I can interact with my rainforest eagle 200 from some other wifi network. Not the LOCAL network

Can you share more information about how you’re posting to it and scraping results? Don’t need anything complex off of it, so that sohuld work okay.

Mo: You’ll have to talk to the Eagle on it’s local IP address. You POST an XML request to it and it responds. It should get an IP address via dhcp or I think you can set it manually; mine is using DHCP, but my DHCP server gives it a fixed IP address so I can use a sensible DNS name. You can query the device locally without needing to go to their cloud. I’ve never set up their cloud, and the device thinks the cloud is, in fact, down, but is working fine.