Raising minimum temperature offset for Fibaro Motion Sensor FGMS-001 from 1°C to 0.1°C

Hello everybody,
I’ve got a Fibaro Motion Sensor FGMS-001 and use the integated temprature-sensor to regulate my themostats. In the preferences it is not possible to adjust the measured celsius temperatur in floating point values for celsius units.
Parameter 66 allows to set an offset:

The offset could only manipulate with the minimum of 1°C.

Is there any option to raise the minimum from 1°C ?


Yes use a profile:

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good idea :fu:t2:

This is a good workarround, thank you!

But a better way is to change the range or step in the paramater. In my optinion nobody use a offset from ±1000°C. A good way is to use 0,1°C steps instead of 1°C.
@chris: should I create an improvment issue?

Sure - but you need to raise it with Fibaro as this is nothing to do with the binding :wink: . These parameters are directly from the device.

I created a Issue 1099. It seems that I have no prevelidges to label the issue with “Fibaro”

I meant that if you want to fix this, it needs to be changed by Fibaro in the device firmware.

The database (I think) is correctly reflecting the manufacturers manual -:

Therefore there is nothing the binding can do as the device is calibrating this in 1 deg C steps (as per the manufacturers manual above).

Did you test what changing the offset really results in ? While in line with the manual, I think that one is buggy
(-1000°C ? interesting concept…).
For my (older firmware) FGMS the docs read -100 to +100 which makes more sense.

Yes I tested this after your reply. It seem that the manual is buggy. The offset of -15 makes an offset of -1,5°C
The Fibaro manual for firmware 3.2. has 0.1°C steps

I cannot find a manual for my firmware version 3.3 on the fibaro website. @chris what is your source for the screenshot ?

It’s the Fibaro manual that is currently in the database, and on which the database definition has therefore been created.

If it’s wrong, then please feel free to update it.

Hey Chris,
thank you for your reply. I would like to update it. However, I want to make sure that it is correct. Which database do you mean exactly? I can not find the source of your screenshot on your website and not in the github repo.

I do not want to annoy you, just to protect others from the same mistake I made

Firstly, I don’t think this is the version of the device you have. This device shows the temperature is only allowed to be 0-100 in the manual and it’s not therefore the same as you mentioned earlier.

I think you have this version.

The actual screenshot comes from the manual which is linked at the bottom of the page in the Reference Documents section.

You are absolutely right. I was in the wrong version. Fibaro has published a new version of the manual see https://manuals.fibaro.com/content/manuals/en/FGMS-001/FGMS-001-EN-T-v2.1.pdf

I’ll request you for update rights of the database to update the information discussed above.