Rakocontrols lighting binding

Hi anyone able to help with a binding…

It’s beyond me to write it? Very happy to support someone to write !!


This device has an http api
You can just you http request command to control it

You can also motivate someone to write a binding by offering a reward:

I control it via http already… I can’t find a simple http worked example… is there one ? 8 have looked

What have you tried? It is usually easier to try and correct your attempt and you learn too.

thanks for getting in touch - I’d be happy with just sending http commands, but I can’t find anything to follow as a worked example for a simple on off button to send http get commands, hence looking to see if anyone wants to do it properly… it’s been done for home assistant, but I have more kit that works with openhab… though I find them both a bit difficult to work with…

rule "send http command when swiched ON"
    Item MySwitch received command ON

See: https://www.openhab.org/docs/configuration/actions.html#http-actions

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