Random Christmas lights

I wanted to put out our Christmas lights yesterday, but the control (old light organ) isn’t alive anymore… :sleepy:
So I need a fast alternative, and bought myself 6 zwave outputs (3x Fibaro Double Switch 2).

I now want to create a group AS of 4 outputs, and a group AF of 2 outputs. The group AS is simply different lights over the house (fe gutter, trees, bush…), the AF are 2 light strings in 1 tree (so a flip-flop).

What I was thinking of:

  • AS should go slowly (fe 60 sec) from one to the other, and AF should go fast (fe 5 sec).
  • Would be great if all things are radomly, and sometimes 1, sometimes 2, sometimes 3 outputs…
  • Maybe even the AS timing could be random
    Fe between fe 30sec and 180sec?
  • And it would be really great the AF group, is used inside the AS group
    So instead of 4, we would have 5 outputs (4 real ones, and 1 dummy (existing of 2 real one)).
  • And like a good house-father, these lights should only switch on with sunset till fe midnight. :wink:

Any idea/suggestions/examples of a rule?

Lots of examples in the forum, take a look at:

Random lights: Philips Hue - Random Lights

Fading lights: Parallel while loops

Switching at sunset: http://docs.openhab.org/addons/bindings/astro/readme.html

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