Random Five Letter Bindings in PaperUI

I am currently looking to migrating from an alternative home automation platform to openHAB. One obstacle to overcome is I need to recreate a binding for one of my I/O systems. In principle I didn’t think this would be too difficult, but I am having all sorts of problems with the IDE. While I have overcome many, one I can’t find a way round is as follows.

I have created a skeleton binding, and populated the basic details. I wanted to test this before progressing too far. I can start openHAB within Eclipse, but when I open the PaperUI and go to the Add-ons page, all I can see is ten bindings with random five letter names (see screenshot). I also see the same under Persistence Services and User Interfaces – ten entries with random five letter names (e.g. ‘FAXBo Binding’). Everything else appears to work, and if I click install or uninstall, it reports that the binding has been successfully installed. This means I cannot progress with binding development until I resolve this issue.

Just to confirm it wasn’t anything to do with the skeleton binding I had created, I uninstalled everything and performed a clean install of the Eclipse IDE without my new binding. However this has the same result. I have also tried a number of times, but no change.

I am running openHAB 2.2 on Windows.

Any ideas?

See here: https://community.openhab.org/t/paper-ui-control-page-question/39677