Random guid as uid for marketplace installs

I notice that when I install a new UI widget from the marketplace on my Openhab 4.1 dockerized setup, that the widget is given a GUID, ex 80ca80e3-e701-48bf-a9b4-7836469ac43d instead of a clear name. I was trying to follow this guide when I noticed the problem: semanticHomeMenu Part 1 - Main [;]

Is this normal behavior or is something wrong on my side? Thanks

I experience the same problem with the same setup.
But I believe we are the only ones…
Do you already have a solution?

Seems there is an issue with my links posted.
Will check over the weekend and correct them.

Sorry for taking a bit longer, but all links for the semanticHomeMenu widgets are fixed now, so installation should work with proper names now.

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