Raspberry and Openhabian on HD

Hi All,
I’m new in this community, I searched in the forum but I didn’t find nothing, I’m sorry if the topic is not new.
I’m going to use Raspberry, but I had some problems using SD card on it, is there someone that used an HD on raspberry and can share the installation procedure? It would be best if it uses openhabian.
Thank you

If you have a Pi model 3B or 3B+ it comes with an USB boot option. You can attach an external SSD with a Pi Hat (like this one) to it, or buy a ready-made external USB disk.
There are plenty of tutorials on internet (search “tutorial raspberry pi 3b usb boot”), that should get you started. If not, just report back here… :grinning:

Openhabian is just an automated install of OH and related software, so it will work with any Pi hardware setup.

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If you have an existing installation that you want to transfer, I suggest reading this discussion.

There’s been a lot of discussion about SD cards becoming corrupt over time due to repeated writing. It’s an RPi issue, not an openHAB issue. There’s a good discussion about that here:

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Thank you very much!!