Raspberry Matic and OH3 on the same Raspberry possible?

Hey there,

I would like to switch to Homeatic IP, sadly I don’t find information about the RaspberryMatic and Openhab.

HomeAssistant supports installing RaspberryMatic on the same Raspi as the HA Server runs.
I would like to know if there is a way to do it with OH3 too.

My hope is HA isn’t further developed as OH :smiley:

Maybe someone already tried it and can give me a hint.
I didn’t want to add an extra “device” cause the goal is to minimize the gateways with OH


There are 50+ results for “RaspberryMatic”.

I suggest making a backup of your server and then trying it out. While running RaspberryMatic on your RPi isn’t “supported”, that doesn’t mean it won’t work. It just means that this hasn’t been tested by the openHABian developers, and if something does go wrong then you’re on your own to fix it.

If you run into issues, then you can restore your backup and you’ll know that there are conflicts. You could try running Docker instead.

I run Network UPS Tools and Pi-Hole on my openHABian server without any issues, and have previously had CUPS on it, too. I just don’t expect anyone to help me if a Pi-Hole update breaks my openHABian server.

Being able to run both openHAB and RaspberryMatic together has nothing to do with development. It’s just a question of if they can coexist without causing problems for each other.

sure, there are plantly of results, but not for my use case =)

but it needs to be in dockers right?
cause raspberrymatic is an “own” image I think.

maybe I try to work myself into dockers and try to get it run :slight_smile:

Ah, sorry. I didn’t know that. That explains why no one has talked about installing it alongside openHAB. Maybe you could go the other way and install openHAB on a RaspberryMatic image.

Here’s a tutorial for installing Docker and openHAB.

Raspimatic is always a stand alone product. OH and raspimatic may be go with docker, but I dont now something about docker If you wish to use Homematic and OH with one raspi, you can try Debmatic or PiVCCU3.

Ohh okay, yeah but for real, I don’t wanna have dockers on my Raspberry cause I am not experienced enough with that.
I thought the use case is to reduce the “work” and devices.

How is HA doing it?
They have an “addon” field, where they can install .img.
So they are running docker too or vm ware I think inside of HA with a graphic overview (easy)

This would be a nice feature for OH I guess, maybe for further development.

I mean yeah I could read myself into dockers and try to configure those, but as you said no one tested it, and when I run into problems probably no one can help.

So the best workaround is to buy the expensive CCU3 :smiley: which I don’t like but it supported the homematic binding.

You have two conflicting desires:

  1. reduce the number of hubs
  2. reduce the amount of work

Sometimes 1 is going to mean more work. Sometimes 2 is going to mean more devices/hubs.

HASS.IO or whatever they are calling it now is Docker based. They are just installing and bringing it up as a Docker container.

OH has a somewhat different philosophy from HA and OH I think has some heavier RAM requirements which makes doing things like they do challenging on RPis.

Why not just buy another single-board computer? Even though the Raspberry Pi is hard to find, there are other options listed on the RaspberryMatic website.

ye, of course, OH want to be different, but it would be a nice feature though :wink:

true I could buy a second Raspi, but the price atm is nearly the same as the ccu3
so If I don’t get around I would prefer the CCU instead of the next Raspi.

Debmatic and PiVCCU3 are virtual CCU and run with OH on the same raspi. But you need some hardware for the wireless connection to the devices.

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