Raspberry,OpenHab and Android

Hi everyone.
It’s a while that I start working with openhab and I came to do some interesting modifications on the UI but I didn’t accomplish nothing more because I am stuck with the voice command and the "say action"
I had searched the web for a while for something that really work but I only have found too much complex things for my actual state, and the 99% of them where in dutch.
I tried to reverse engineering them but no voice come out from the speaker when I say a word, via AndroidHAB, that should trigger a response with the command: say.
I am a little frustrated, I even downloaded the tts engine Festival thinking that was my tts engine that didn’t worked but, still nothing… not to mention all the errors coming from java.tellstick that floods every time the console that make likely impossible to understand where is the problem.
If this isn’t troublesome enough, one of my teachers want to took my project to the local electronic fair like one of the example of what we do in my school and if I don’t solve this problem, no fair…
Can someone please help me?
I am so desperate…

Never mind… I found that TellStick was causing so many trouble to openHab that i decided to delete the module… and now it work without any problem