Raspberry Pi 3 3D print project file

The Raspberry Pi enclosure with the openHAB logo on top was a great idea! I need an enclosure for a Raspberry Pi 3 but with an additional PCB on top. Some modifications are needed.

Others may also want or need to modify the enclosure. Could the one who created the case post the project files here? (@Kai?)



I almost want to move my OH to a Pi just so I can use this enclosure. Awesome!

The one that provided those files is @belovictor - can you help?

@belovictor I believe you used some kind of vector graphic for the logo? If you do not have the whole enclosure model in an exchange format, providing the logo as an svg would already be great! (@Kai)

At the moment, the enclosure with the OH Logo does not fit for a Raspberry Pi 3 with the enocean pi module.

I am using this case at the moment (the left one):

Maybe we should combine them :slight_smile:

Okay, that was quick and dirty, but i combined them:

There is space for enocean, zwave or both,as seen on the picture :slight_smile:

If you have improvements, then remix the design on Thingiverse or Tinkercad.