Raspberry Pi 3 + OH2 + Smartthings Hub Gen 2 as Zwave Controller

Hi All,

Just starting out with home automation.

I’ve installed openHABian on a Raspberry Pi 3. I also just purchased Samsung Smarthings Gen 2 hub by itself (ie: without any Smarthings devices). Currently, I do not have any devices (eg: zwave+, zigbee, etc.). Thinking of purchasing a few z-wave plus devices (sensors, switches/dimmers) to get started with home automation. Since Raspberry Pi does not have any built-in Z-Wave controllers, I’m thinking of using the Smartthings Hub Gen 2 by itself (ie: without any Smartthings devices) as a controller. Is that a possible configuration?

Ther is not a SmartThings add-on for OH yet (one appears to be in the works). In the meantime, you can use the HTTP binding to interact with the Hub through its HTTP REST API. Search the forum and you will see lots of approaches people have use to integrate with the ST Hub.

I believe (but am not certain) you can pair a generic zwave device with the ST Hub. If that is true then you should be able to command those devices through the ST WEB API.

There are a number of Z-Wave USB sticks that work well with Rasberry and OpenHab. I installed an AeoTec z wave stick onto my raspberry and its been working really well.

Also have a Smarthings Hub Gen 2 with the Samsung Zigbee sensors. Found the platform to be very unstable (as the cloud infrastructure could not handle the load). 18 months later 3 of the 4 zigbee sensors are now dead, so took another look at openHab and moved over to that. All the z-wave sensors are connected up (and Habmin is great for managing them), and all is working fine. Only reason I keep the Smarthings Hub online is Alexa integration and that is moving over as I write the up new rules to replace SmartThings. If you still have the receipt I would refund it and by a USB Z-wave stick.

Thanks Rich & David for taking time to respond. Much appreciated!